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Auto Detailing In Pittsburgh, PA

The appreciation of fine details in high-end automobiles is our passion at Elusive Auto Shine. We are your number one source for keeping them looking like the champion they are with top-notch auto detailing in Pittsburgh, PA. We'll use our unique resources to take every possible measure for impeccable preservation. Our superior-quality detailing services consist of interior and exterior detailing, paint correction, ceramic coating, paint protection film, and window tinting. We utilize a catalog of proven, top-shelf products suitable for any environment to please any level of automotive enthusiast. Contact us today to learn about the amazing results we can provide for you.

Utilizing SunTek films, we offer paint protection film services to protect your vehicle from rock chips, dirt and debris, and environmental contaminates. We can do as little as one panel or as much as every painted panel. Popular PPF packages include: front bumper, track day coverage, full front clip, and complete. As every vehicle is unique, please contact us to provide an accurate estimate.
Single Step Correction: This stage uses a polish to remove light swirls and scratches to add clarity and depth to the paint. This aims to eliminate about 50-60% of defects in the paint. 
Gloss Enhancement: This is an excellent option for those who want added gloss but have no need for the refinement of the other correction steps. This process removes 20-30% of clearcoat imperfections. 
Multi-Step Correction: This process is very labor-intensive and eliminates 90% of the total defects. After correction, the vehicle is treated with a high-quality sealant or coating of your choice.
As Gtechniq accredited installers, we offer the full line of Gtechniq coatings.
Crystal Serum Light: Up to 3 years of durability
Crystal Serum Ultra: Up to 9 years of durability
EXO Top Coat: Can be added to any ceramic coating package. Adds additional longevity and slickness
Utilizing the finest films and techniques, we offer a wide variety of window tint options including ceramic tint! We have multiple levels of darkness ranging from nearly invisible to limo tint. 
We offer exceptional auto detailing services for anyone looking for a simple cleaning, a ceramic coating maintenance wash, or a show-quality detail.
This package is for vehicles that are already in good condition, or that have already had a service with recently.
Level 1: 
Deeper paint decontamination with added protection, as well as conditioning and protecting your vehicle's interior.
Level 2: Thorough paint decontamination, gloss enhancing machine polish, sealant paint protection, and our deepest interior clean.
Level 3: A completely custom option for those with particular goals, car shows, restorations, displays, marketing, etc.

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Our Detailing Services:

  • paint correction
  • ceramic coatings
  • exterior detailing
  • interior detailing
  • paint protection film

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