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Auto Detailing in Pittsburgh, PA

The appreciation of fine details in high-end automobiles is our passion at Elusive Auto Shine. We are your number one source for keeping them looking like the champion they are with top-notch auto detailing in Pittsburgh, PA. We'll use our unique resources to take every possible measure for impeccable preservation. Our superior-quality detailing services consist of interior and exterior detailing, paint correction, ceramic coating, and paint protection film. We utilize a catalog of proven, top-shelf products suitable for any environment to please any level of automotive enthusiast. Contact us today to learn about the amazing results we can provide for you.

Our Detailing Services:

  • Auto Detailing
Level 1: Recommended monthly. This package is for vehicles that are already in good condition but need to be refreshed between full details
Level 2: Recommended every 6 months. Deeper paint decontamination with added protection as well as the condition and protecting the vehicle's interior.
Level 3: Recommended every 12 months. Thorough paint decontamination. Gloss-enhancing machine polish to reduce swirl marks and enhance shine. Maximum paint protection for easier maintenance and longevity. Deepest interior clean.
Level 4: This is a completely bespoke option for car shows, restoration, museums, display vehicles, or for marketing purposes.
  • Paint Correction
Multi-Step Correction: This stage uses compound and polish to remove any scratches that can be removed. This process is very labor-intensive and eliminates 90% of the total defects. After correction, the vehicle is treated with a high-quality sealant or coating of your choice.
Single Step Correction: This stage uses a polish to remove light swirls and scratches to add clarity and depth to the paint. This aims to eliminate about 70-75% of defects in the paint.
Gloss Enhancement: This is an excellent option for those who want added gloss but have no need for the refinement of the other correction steps. This process removes 40-50% of clearcoat imperfections. 
  • Ceramic Coatings
As Gtechniq accredited installers, we offer the full line of Gtechniq coatings.
Crystal Serum Light: 3+ years of durability
Crystal Serum Ultra: 7+ years of durability
EXO Top Coat: Can be added to any ceramic coating package. Adds additional longevity and slickness.
  • Paint Protection Film
When it comes to paint protection film (PPF), we use SunTek films because of their superior clarity and performance.

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